3d in web design.


- On demand illustrations for sites (when and why is it necessary)
- Cinema 4D as a full cycle illustration tool (with animation capability)
- Examples of 3d illustrations in the web- Task for the course project (illustration for the creative studio website)
- Composition and its details (references, selection, definition of simple frames)
- Colour model (references, selection tools)


- Generative modeling principle-Modeling a stone
- Creation of a spline in the illustrator and import into Blue
- Alternative spline creation with the help of a spline mask and the use of a swipe
- Creation of the basic composition
- Creating tissue with a bend, twist and display. Adding to a composition.
- Adding second level details. Balls.
- Creation of a “zagogulina” (kekeke) with the help of a cube, a spline-glave, a helix and a shader-effector. Adding to the composition.
- Adding details of the third level. Cloner with primitives with the influence of a random and playful effector
- Adding level three details. Decorative element with the help of helix, spline-storm and swipe